Wedding Quinta dos Machados | Lea & Tobias

Love knows no boundaries. And Lea and Tobias’s Israeli wedding in Portugal was a testament to that.
Lea, an Israeli recording artist from New York, and Tobias, an adventurous soul with an appreciation for music, embarked on a remarkable journey to celebrate their love. The Tikvah Synagogue, with its rich history and intricate architecture, served as the perfect backdrop for their union. The sacred ceremony was filled with heartfelt moments as the couple exchanged vows under the chuppah, surrounded by family and friends.

After the ceremony, the celebration continued at Quinta dos Machados. A charming wedding venue in the heart of Portugal. The enchanting blend of cultures and traditions set the stage for an unforgettable celebration. And it all began with an amazing entrance at the venue riding horses! Guests were serenaded with a beautiful Fado concert during the cocktail hour, paying homage to the local culture and traditions. The soulful melodies filled the air, setting the tone for a night of joy and celebration.

One of the highlights of the evening was undoubtedly the first dance. It took everyone by surprise as Lea and Tobias waltzed into a passionate Tango.

But what truly made Lea and Tobias’s wedding unique was the music. With Lea’s background as a recording artist and many guests being talented musicians, the night was filled with electrifying sets and impromptu jam sessions.

Lea and Tobias’s wedding was a harmonious fusion of love, music, culture, and a touch of fairytale magic. It was a night to remember. A night when two souls, despite their different backgrounds, came together to create a beautiful melody of love and danced into the future hand in hand.