Valter Antunes – Digital Abstract Art

Valter Antunes, born in Santarém – Portugal, is one of the most awarded wedding photographers in the world. Some of his greatest achievements include winning the European Photographer of the year 2021 ( Wedding Golden Camera ), title given by the Federation of European Photographers ( FEP ), TOP 25 Fearless Photographers, Portuguese Photographer of the Year 2019 , just to name a few.
On his free time, Valter dedicates himself to digital art composition, mainly working with abstract digital art and human bodies.
Just above are his latest ( 2020 ) creations. YellowArtem was sold in early 2020 just before the lockdown and therefore is not available anymore. The irritamentum Veneris collection can be found and bought as NFTs at  
The Pixelbod collection is ready and will be available very soon also to be sold as NFT.

These are exclusive pieces and cannot be found anywhere else.
In 2021 there will be 2 more collections for auction so stay tuned for that !